Why you need an accountant?
Keeping your accounts up to date is important. However an accountant can help in many other areas of your working life too. From preparing cash flow reports to advising on the most efficient accounting system to use or outsourcing your payroll if you pay staff.
Not to mention of course the many benefits you’ll stand to gain by using a professional accountant. They can help you pay less tax, improve your profitability, save you time, offer you invaluable business advice and ultimately give you peace of mind.
Why a specialist Dental Accountant?
As specialist dental accountants we understand the particular issues that dentists have to contend with such as NHS contracts, CQC, associate and other health professional contracts and superannuation.
Taxation is always an issue and one of the primary reasons for using an accountant. While the same tax rules apply to everyone, there are invariably special factors that apply to certain types of business. This is very much the case with dentists. Knowing what to claim and not claim for is extremely important if problems with HMRC are to be avoided. Then again nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to.
Also, the way a business is legally structured can have a major impact on the tax that is paid. However there are special factors that come into play for dentists. Detailed knowledge and experience of these issues is essential.
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