Audits are often seen by companies as a necessary evil but our approach is to highlight the positives.
Audits are a legal requirement for companies of a certain size, registered charities and some other organisations. However they can have the following benefits for those businesses and also ones that don’t necessarily require audits;
  • An independent review of the business to ensure that proper accounting procedures and controls are in place to give you peace of mind as to the financial integrity of internally produced financial information
  • A business review which draws out opportunities to further strengthen and help grow your business
  • A professional document for future funding applications, credit reports etc.
  • Giving confidence to existing funding providers
  • Improve the reputation of the business for business development purposes
Our audit approach is based on a relationship of trust, respect and independence. We have a set criteria and pre-agreed timetable to work with your accounting staff so that your annual audit process is as speedy and efficient as possible. This process also helps us offer effective and constructive feedback on your accounting and other in-house systems.
Our cost base allows us to provide very competitive quotes with the promise to deliver on time and to budget.

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